City cuts phone numbers to clear classifeds from public space

TN News

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Hanoi authorities Friday asked telecom providers to stop the operation of 1,635 phone numbers, in an effort to save local streets from classified adverts that go with the numbers.


Pham Quoc Ban, director of Hanoi Department of Information and Communication, said the department will consider reconnecting the phone numbers if businesses of individuals owning the numbers promise not to stick their classified advertisements on city streets.


The phone owners also have to get confirmation from local authorities saying they have removed their classified ads on the streets, Ban was cited by the Vietnam News Agency as saying.


Yet many ad makers have not bothered to clear their ads, but would use different numbers, he said, blaming local authorities for not working hard enough to stop the practice.


Ban said several district administrations have not taken a single step to stop the activity.


Some of them only cleaned up the advertisement from major streets and rarely came back to check, he said.


The department director also suggested that the city set up more places for free classifieds, so that people do not have to put their ads on electric poles and walls along the streets.


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