City closes 61 ATMs after girl's electrocution

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The Ho Chi Minh City Power Company has sealed off and cut off power supply to 61 automatic teller machines (ATM), a couple days after a 10-year-old girl was electrocuted when she come into contact with an ATM booth in District 1.

The company has started to check all 866 ATMs in the city after 10-year-old Chau Linh Uyen was killed Thursday on Mac Thi Buoi Street.

Investigations by police in District 1 found an electric wire running across a set of stairs where Uyen sat outside the ATM booth. According to Saigon Electricity Company technicians, the wire, which was set up by Agribank to provide power for the room, had many open joints and was leaking electricity.

A total of 61 ATMs were found with electrical problems as of Sunday afternoon.

Tran Dung, manager of technical and labor safety at the company, said the ATMs had been isolated and their power cut.

Most of the ATMs were set up by the banks themselves, local newswire Dan Tri cited the company as saying in a statement.

The banks have been asked to fix their machines.

The ATM where the girl was killed was also set up by Agribank. The wire leading to the signboard had called electrical leakage, police said.

Earlier, the power company had sent a note asking banks in the area to check the wires and earth connections at their ATMs.

Many ATM customers of Vietcombank have reported experiencing slight electric shocks at the machine on Cao Thang Street, some when leaning on the iron door, some when typing the numbers in, VOVNews reported Sunday.

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