Chinese woman murdered at home in Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City police are investigating the death of a Chinese woman in her house on Binh Thanh District's Bui Dinh Tuy Street that they suspect is a robbery case as well.

The victim was identified as Yuan Huarong, 31. The case was first detected at around 10 p.m. on September 7 when her 33-year old husband A Chung, also Chinese, came home to find her unconscious and the house's door remained opened.

Police said A Chung had gone out for dinner with his friends while Yuan and their three year old son stayed at home.

When he returned home, he found his wife lying unconscious in a toilet, tied up with telephone wires.

He untied her and asked a traditional Chinese medical practitioner nearby to help.

He then ran upstairs and found their son locked in another toilet. The child was not injured but was wet and terrified.

Police arrived at the house soon after and found many assets including money missing.

"The victim might have been strangled to death," an investigator said.

A Chung said the house's camera system had been removed. He said he saw his wife closing the door when he left and normally, they receive no guests after working hours.

He told the police that the culprit may have been be able to speak Chinese and asked his wife to open the door, because she cannot speak Vietnamese.

A woman living nearby, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she saw Yuan walking with her son at around 8 pm and greeted her. She said she did not hear any unusual noise around the time of the suspected murder.

The couple hired the three-story house to open the Dinh Nang Company over three years ago. The company specializes in trading cameras, rolling doors and anti-theft electronic devices.

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