Chinese torpedo found off central coast

TN News

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Vietnam's military agencies have concluded that an unidentified torpedo-like object found off the central Vietnamese coast last month was a Chinese-produced torpedo.

The torpedo, some seven meters long. was likely used by Chinese military during their exercises at sea, experts from the Ministry of National Defense said. The inactivated torpedo somehow had drifted to Vietnam's seas, they said.

According to border guards at Quang Binh Province's Gianh Port, the torpedo was confiscated on April 10 from Nguyen Thanh, who said he and his crew members found it when they were fishing off Quang Tri Province on March 30.

On Sunday the torpedo was handed over to Navy Zone No.3 in the central city of Da Nang while waiting for the ministry's instructions to deal with it, the VnExpress newswire said.

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