Chinese thieves sentenced to 4-26 years

TN News

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A Hanoi court has sentenced a Vietnamese woman and five Chinese people to between four and 26 years in jail for robbing money from schools and companies.


According to prosecutors at the Hanoi People's Court Thursday, the group has stolen nearly VND2.6 billion (nearly US$125,000) in total, news website VnExpress reported Friday.


The indictment said the gang's crimes was discovered in early September last year after Thanh Do University in Hanoi lost more than VND34 million from its safe.


The guard of the school had been tied and the lock to the safe's room was cut.


Police said that investigations later found that from January to August last year, the group -- including Vietnamese woman Lu Thi Mai, 24, and five Chinese: Pei Gong Ming, 47, He Man Xian, 42, Nei An Xing, 34, Yang Li Yu, 37, and Zhou Kuang Hong, 41 -- had conducted five similar robberies.


The group members were all jobless and their targets were offices and schools that used safes and didn't have good security, said the indictment.


Mai received 17 years in jail while the Chinese got between 4 and 26 years.


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