Chinese supervisor should be sent home: labor union

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Labor authorities in the central province of Thanh Hoa on Monday proposed that a Chinese supervisor who glued a Vietnamese worker's palms together with industrial glue be expelled from Vietnam.

Last Saturday morning, Le Thi Phuong, a worker at Taiwan-Vietnam joint venture Hong Fu Vietnam Footwear Co., fainted after A Vuong, her Chinese boss, poured 502 Super Glue on her palms and forced her to press her palms together.

A report from the company said the Chinese supervisor was upset after seeing another worker sneakily use glue to fix faulty shoe products. He took his anger out on Phuong, who took charge of the shift.

The incident sparked outrage among workers, who went on a strike on Saturday afternoon.

After the local labor union chimed in, the Chinese supervisor was suspended. Local police were also invited to investigate the case.

On Monday, the provincial Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs proposed that the company send the Chinese employee home.

Mai Duc Chinh, deputy chairman of Vietnam General Federation of Labor, said the federation had asked Thanh Hoa authorities to strictly punish Vuong.

"If investigations show he had committed a criminal act, he must be prosecuted. If not, Thanh Hoa authorities should expel him from Vietnam," he said.

According to the company, it had banned workers from using 502 Super Glue to fix faulty products, but the workers sneaked the product in.


Chinese boss sticks worker's hand with glue

"If the workers were wrong, the company can have some ways to punish them like to deduct their salary or even fire them. The Chinese supervisor's act was ruthless and unacceptable," said Le Duc Huan, deputy chairman of Thanh Hoa Province Labor Federation.

Workers at the Hong Fu Vietnam Footwear Co. have gone on strikes twice this year to protest the company's policies toward Vietnamese workers and the lack of respect foreign supervisors pay to Vietnamese workers.

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