Chinese police arrest 25 for trafficking Vietnamese women

Thanh Nien News

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The Chinese police have arrested a man in the eastern Anhui Province for allegedly trafficking at least 14 Vietnamese women, including his own wife, local media reported.
The man, identified only as Zhang, was arrested along with 24 accomplices who had either sought potential brides from him or trafficked them from Vietnam to the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.
In December 140 police officers mobilized to investigate the case had rescued 10 victims, sending back four minors to Vietnam. The remaining six opted to remain with the families that had “bought” them.
Three other women had fled earlier, the police said.
The first victim was Zhang’s wife, whom he paid for in 2001 since disability in his legs reportedly made it difficult for him to find a local wife.
He had been told to go to Yunnan to look for trafficked Vietnamese woman waiting to be “sold” as brides.
After choosing his wife, he paid for 13 others and “sold” them to men living in his neighborhood for a profit.
He paid RMB60,000 (around US$9,000) each for the victims, among whom were four girls aged 13.
In 2007 the government approved the China National Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children to combat trafficking and safeguard the legal rights of women and children.

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