Chinese national jailed for trying to rob Hanoi bank

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Zhang Ze Ming is tried for robbery by a court in Hanoi on Jun. 29 Zhang Ze Ming is tried for robbery by a court in Hanoi on Jun. 29


The People's Court of Hanoi Wednesday sentenced a Chinese teenager to 10 months' imprisonment for attempting to rob a bank last October.
Zhang Ze Ming, 17, was convicted of robbery.
Since he has been in police custody for eight months, he will serve another two months before being released and deported to China.
Zhang was arrested on October 29 last year while attempting to rob a bank in the capital’s Hoan Kiem District.
He had arrived in Hanoi a day earlier as a tourist, he told the court. He claimed that his backpack and bags, with his passport, bank cards and some cash, were stolen late that night.
He was desperate and decided to use all his remaining cash to buy a hammer, a face mask and gloves.
At around 9.30 a.m. on October 29 Zheng approached a teller at a VietinBank branch and wrote in English on a piece of paper, "Give me 10,000,000 dong."
When the teller alerted her colleagues, he went into her cabin, produced the hammer and threaten the cashiers.
He was quickly overpowered by bank workers before the police arrived.

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