Chinese men in jail for illegally possessing gun

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A court in Ho Chi Minh City Friday handed down jail terms totaling seven years to two Chinese men and Vietnamese-Chinese woman for illegal possession of a military shotgun.

According to the hearing held by the HCMC People's Court, on April 11 security guards at Tan Son Nhat International Airport found a shotgun in the consigned suitcases of Lu Chun Hsien, who was to take a flight to Taiwan.

As Lu, 24, failed to present necessary documents for the weapon, the airport security team handed over the case to local police.

Investigations found that the gun was discovered by Sam Ung Mui, wife of Lu's relative Huang Chih Cheng, at a graveyard in the southern province of Dong Nai on April 8, when the married couple was visiting the grave of Mui's father.

Mui, 38, suggested submitting the gun to police, but Huang, 49, refused, fearing that they would be in trouble, so he gave it to Lu, according to the indictment.

Lu then brought it to Taiwan as a souvenir.

The court gave Huang and Lu three-year and two-and-half year jail terms respectively, while Mui was sentenced to one and half years in prison.

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