Chinese man got 8 years for trafficking of Vietnamese women

By Duong Phan, Thanh Nien News

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A court in southern Vietnam has sentenced a Chinese man to eight years in jail for smuggling Vietnamese women to China for potential Chinese husbands.
The People’s Court of Tay Ninh Province on Wednesday convicted Zhao Li Qun, 44, a.k.a Tu, with human trafficking.
His accomplice, Pham Thi Thu Linh, 26, was sentenced to six years and Luu Vi Tan, 54, got two years imprisonment for the same charge.
According to the indictment, Linh and Phan Thi Anh Thuy of Tay Ninh Province got married to Chinese men and met Zhao in China. The trio agreed to introduce Vietnamese women to Chinese men for money.
Zhao, who was in charge of finding Chinese men who looked for a Vietnamese wife, charged each man about 30,000 yuan (US$4,840) including travel fees.
He paid Linh and Thuy, who are responsible for finding Vietnamese women, from VND10-15 million each case.
The trio hired Tan to be the interpreter.

Defendants in human trafficking case at a court in Tay Ninh province on January 14. Photo: Duong Phan.
The racket managed to recruit eight Vietnamese women from April-September 2014.
Linh and Thuy promised good future for these women and that their husband’s family will give the bride-to-be's family VND30-40 million each.
After going to China, one of the women wanted to return Vietnam. She was ordered to pay VND120 million. The traffickers threatened to sell her to prostitution otherwise.
The woman’s family paid the money and brought her home, and reported the ring to the police.
On September 20, 2014, Zhao was arrested when conducting procedures for a Chinese man and a Vietnamese woman to go abroad.
The court said Thuy, who was in China, will be handled in a separate case.

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