Chinese jailed in Vietnam for attempting to steal credit card data

TN News

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A Hanoi court Wednesday sentenced a Chinese national to two and a half years in jail for attempting to steal credit card data.

Wu Wen Tsung, 32, was found guilty of "appropriating secret [Vietnamese] state documents" after being arrested in August 2012 while removing devices he had installed to steal credit card data at an ATM belonging to Dong A Bank on Truong Chinh Street.

He told the police he and a compatriot Hu Zi had entered Vietnam a few days earlier as a tourist.

They had brought equipment to steal data and make fake ATM cards, he admitted.

They installed the devices to copy data from credit cards inserted into the ATM, and later that day removed them and took them back to their rented apartment.

They then used the data to make five fake ATM cards, but they did not work.

The pair made a second attempt, but Wu was arrested while removing the devices.

Hu is still at large.

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