Chinese doctors avoiding Vietnam health inspectors like the plague

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Doctors at a Chinese-operated medical clinic fled when Ho Chi Minh City Health Department inspectors entered their building on Thursday.

Inspections began Monday on all Chinese medical clinics in the city following recent media reports in which a woman claimed the staff of a clinic had held her hostage in a hotel for five days because she was unable to pay her bill.

As soon as inspectors entered the Dong Phuong medical clinic on Cach Mang Thang 8 Street in Tan Binh District, Chinese doctors (who were in the process of examining patients) rushed out of the building.

Two of them dropped their name tags on the ground.

According to inspectors, the Dong Phuong clinic is registered under the name of a Vietnamese doctor Phan Xung but all examinations, treatments and drug prescriptions were carried out by Chinese doctors.

That is why Xung could not answer a single question about the clinic's operation, inspectors said.

Inspectors uncovered a series of improprieties . For instance, the clinic had registered to treat its patients with traditional Chinese medicine but the staff had performed other unlicensed activities including obstetric treatment, testing, and hemorrhoid surgeries.

A number of drugs and chemicals with Chinese labels had no documentation of origin; some had expired.

Inspectors seized medicine without certificates of origin and asked the clinic to stop performing procedures which have not been registered with the authorities.


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During the tour of Chinese medical clinics, inspectors have found wrongdoings at three clinics, mostly involving unlicensed Chinese doctors and expired medicine.

Some Chinese medical clinics have sought to avoid the inspections by placing signs in front of their doors that read: "Under construction" or "Temporarily closed."

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