Chinese crooks hack Sino banks from Vietnam

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Vietnamese authorities announced Tuesday that they have arrested nearly a hundred Chinese and Taiwanese suspects for hacking into bank and personal accounts back in their country.

The Chinese entered the country using a variety of means and began their operation in June, the Ministry of Public Security announced at a press briefing on Wednesday.

They hacked bank and personal accounts by using telecommunications networks and the Internet, police said.

According to investigators, the criminals installed international phone lines and high-speed Internet lines in seven different locations. They collected information about their victims using websites and telephone books. Then they called or texted the victims, posing as Chinese police, bankers, postal workers and asked them to transfer money.

Most of the victims were from Taiwan and mainland China, said major general To Lam. So far, no Vietnamese victims have been reported.

Police said they began investigating the case on Tuesday of last week. Since then they've arrested 76 Taiwanese and 23 mainland Chinese suspects. Each ring used hundreds of cell phones, hundreds of SIM cards and dozens of landline telephones. During their raids on seven locations, police confiscated broadband modems, cables, PCs, laptops, telephones, cell phones and ATM card skimmers.

Police said the organization's ringleaders are based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries.  Thus more victims from other countries might occur, he said.

According to Interpol, these types of criminals first appeared in Taiwan several years ago. They stole hundreds of thousands to a million dollars in each case.

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