Chinese clinic in Hanoi ignores suspension order

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A Chinese medical clinic in Hanoi opened for business as usual on Tuesday, July 17, although it had been suspended a day earlier pending investigations into the suspicious death of a Vietnamese patient.

A team of inspectors from the capital's Health Department found the Maria general clinic on Thai Thinh Street in Dong Da District open and receiving patients the day after the suspension, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported July 18.

Strangely, however, all they did was warning the clinic that it should stop receiving patients or face severe punishment.

Hanoi police are still searching for Zhou Ji Anjao, Deng Qin Zhi and Zhang Ling Gong three Chinese "doctors" who treated 35-year-old Vietnamese patient Nguyen Thi Thu Phong July 14 and Dong Chang Rui, chief of the clinic's Gynecology-Family Planning Ward.

The four fled the clinic shortly after Phong was found dead in her room under suspicious circumstances.

According to initial investigations, Phong came to the clinic on Saturday afternoon for a general health checkup after she felt tired on her way home from work.

Zhou examined her and said she had an inflamed cervix and prescribed galvanocautery (a process under which cautery is effected by a knife or needle heated by the passage of a galvanic current).

At around 7:25 p.m. Phong was taken to a room on the sixth floor where Bui Thi Tham, a 23-year-old Vietnamese nurse, conducted a sugar infusion under Deng's order.

Zhang then anesthetized her before Deng performed the galvanocautery procedure.


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After the process was finished, Phong had a stuffy nose for which Zhang put her on a breathing machine and instructed Tham to give her two injections.

Around 30 minutes later, Phong recovered. Tham removed the respiratory aid and took her downstairs to the fifth floor for an antibiotic infusion.

At around 8:45 p.m. Phong called her husband and asked him to pick her up at the clinic as she felt dizzy. The husband showed up but he was told by the clinic staff to wait on the first floor.

He waited for around an hour, only to see Phong brought out, dead.

The results of the autopsy done on Phong have not yet been released.

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