Chinese boss sticks worker's hand with glue

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A Taiwan-Vietnam joint venture company based in the central province of Thanh Hoa suspended Saturday a Chinese supervisor who glued a Vietnamese worker's palms together with industrial glue.

Thanh Hoa police are investigating the man, known only as A Vuong, an employee of the Hong Fu Vietnam Footwear Company at Hoang Long Industrial Zone in Hoang Hoa District.

The incident took place  at around 11 a.m. on Saturday. Reports are not clear about how it happened. One says Vuong forced Nguyen Thi Phuong, a worker at the company, to pour 502 Super Glue from a tube on her palms and to press her the palms together, while another says he asked her to open her palms and poured the glue himself.

He had previously yelled at another female worker named Hoa after seeing her using the glue to stick shoe products and almost poured glue on her hands but she evaded him.

When Phuong, who took charge of the shift, came to the scene, he took his spite out on Phuong.  Some reports say Hoa and Phuong begged him not to force Phuong to pour glue on her hands but he ignored them.

After her palms were stuck with glue, Phuong cried until she passed out.

She was admitted to hospital and doctors separated her hands.

Workers at the company were outraged with the Chinese supervisor's act and went on a strike.

After being informed of the news, representatives from the Hoang Hoa District Labor Union arrived at the company and asked for an investigation into the incident.

The union also required the company to suspend the supervisor and pay for Phuong's medical treatment. It also said the company should pay salaries for all workers who went on the strike that afternoon.

The company directors' board admitted the act was wrong and suspended the Chinese employee.

They explained that the company had banned workers from using the 502 Super Glue to fix faulty products but the workers sneaked the product in, triggering Vuong's rage.

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