Chinese arrested for telecom fraud in Hanoi

TN News

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Ministry of Public Security police said Wednesday they had arrested two Chinese nationals for alleged telecom fraud in Hanoi.


The two Chinese men, known as Nong Wei Jie and Su Yong Rui, were suspected to be members of a Chinese-led telecom fraud ring, according to police reports.


They had used internet networks and mobile SIM cards to "steal" telecom charges, investigators said.


The Chinese leader of the ring is not in Vietnam, according to police.


The alleged thieves signed up for high-speed internet services by FPT and Hanoi Telecom and used SIM cards to connect with Vietnamese telecom networks and steal telecom charges, police said without elaborating.

The two men installed devices at the Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh and Vu Trong Phung urban areas in Hanoi, according to investigators.


Police seized around 6,700 Viettel SIM cards used by the duo, as well as other devices from the houses.

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