Chinese arrested for making, selling fake cosmetics in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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Jars of fake skin cream found at a warehouse rented to a Chinese man in the northern province of Quang Ninh. Photo credit: VnExpress

A Chinese man has been arrested in Quang Ninh Province, near the border with China, on suspicion of making and selling fake cosmetic, news website VnExpress quoted local police as saying on Tuesday.
Police found more than 31,000 fake cosmetic products and about 200 kilograms of materials for making cosmetics at a warehouse rent by Zhong Dao Ping, 42, according to the report.
Ping confessed that he had bought the counterfeits in his home country, and produced skin creams from the materials by himself, the report quoted the police as saying.
He also reportedly faked Vietnamese police’s anti-counterfeit stamps, which he sticked on to the fraudulent products.
The police confiscated tens of thousands of fake stamps that weighed 40 kg in total at his place.
Ping told police that he had made some VND40 million (US$1,850) in sales since last November.
Investigation continues.

Smuggled car components found in a warehouse in Quang Ninh.
In related news, also in Quang Ninh, the police said they have arrested a Chinese man who allegedly smuggled car parts into the country for reselling.
Yu Xi Chang, a Zhejiang-based man, told Quang Ninh police that he had bought the US$32,600-worth contraband goods in China since October, smuggled them into Vietnam and kept them in a rented warehouse.
Police said he would face criminal charges for smuggling.

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