Chinese among 52 arrested in Vietnam for defrauding Chinese firms

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The Ho Chi Minh City police Thursday arrested 52 people, most of them Chinese nationals, who had set up an elaborate telecom network to contact people in China and extort money by claiming to be government authorities.

The police raided two villas on Nguyen Van Huong Street in District 2 that they had been watching for a while and caught the gang red-handed.

They seized 18 modems, 21 laptops, and 77 telephones.

They also found notes on plans to cheat more than 200 businesses in China, and nearly US$40,000 in dollars, dong, and Chinese yuan believed to be earned from their crimes.

Investigations found the Chinese arrived in Vietnam as tourists. Then they set up their system and, pretending to be policemen, bankers, and tax officers, called businesses in China to tell them that their bank accounts had been hacked into, and ask them to provide passwords to protect them.

While making the calls, the gang would have police sirens in the background and people giving orders about arresting criminals to sound realistic.

After obtaining the passwords, they would proceed to steal money from their victims' accounts.

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