China investigates disappearance of Vietnamese brides

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Chinese police are investigating the disappearance of 20 Vietnamese women who married local men last month, local newspaper Shanghai Daily reported on Tuesday.


The women, all of whom were illegal immigrants, are suspected of collaborating to cheat their husbands, mostly farmers, out of betrothal gifts, the news source quoted Jiangxi Province police as saying.


According to a husband named Wang, he married Ruan Xiaofang via matchmaking service on March 4 after giving the Vietnamese woman's family 33,000 yuan (US$4,830) as a betrothal gift, it said.


Ruan later introduced some 20 Vietnamese women to Wang's friends and her matchmaking was all successful.


On a matchmaking trip last month, Ruan left the dinner early to buy something and never returned, Shanghai Daily reported.


The husband soon discovered that all the Vietnamese women who married his friends via Ruan's matchmaking service had also disappeared that day, it said.


Wang was quoted as saying he was aware that some foreign brides run away after getting betrothal gifts, but he trusted Ruan after watching over her for a month.

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