Central Vietnam company faces charges for beating up villagers

TN News

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Police in Quang Binh Province on Friday said they are investigating accusations that a company beat up residents who stopped it from building a power system through their properties.


On Sunday, June 19, the Quang Binh Young Business Joint Stock Company sent two cars carrying 20 people armed with knives and water pipes to threaten and beat people at Vinh Son village, the provincial authorities said in a report.


The villagers had earlier tried to stop the company from running the power system through their area as they were not happy with the compensation they'd received.


Vo Van Huong, a villager, said he had told the company chairman Nguyen Dai Loi that the company and the residents need to negotiate in front of local authorities.


"But that man punched me in the face and caused my nose to bleed even before I'd finished speaking," Huong said.


Another villager Nguyen Thi Nguyen said she had to get some stitches on her forehead after being hit by people sent by the company.


Loi denied beating up any resident and accused the residents instead of throwing rocks at his head and arms.


He said people in the cars were from a martial arts club which is partner of the company and they accidentally hurt some residents while trying to rescue him.


Some "extreme" villagers had destroyed an electric pole of the company and the cars, he said.


The company had sent VND150 million to the injured villagers but the offer was turned down, local officials said.


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