Central Vietnam children risk their lives every day going to school

Thanh Nien News

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A bridge in Ha Tinh Province had never been safe for local children, but this year it turned into a deadly trap


 This temporary wooden bridge across a river in Ha Tinh Province has for years been used by local children to get to school. Many sections have been damaged recently due to heavy rain. 
 A boy jumps over a big gap on the bridge. Locals said many children fell off the bridge and had to return home after getting wet. 
 Another boy is carried by his father. Officials said around 70 kindergarten and primary school students in Phuong My Commune of Huong Khe District have to cross the bridge every day.
 Officials have assigned police officers to help the children cross the bridge.
But most parents have been taking care of their own children. 
A father said he himself fell into the river three times last year. “It would be extremely dangerous if you let a kid do this alone,” he told news website VietNamNet. 
A mother smiles after managing to bring all her three children across. “I have to see them reach this side safely myself.”
 Locals said they do not know when local authorities will build a new, proper bridge.
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on Viet Nam Net.

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