Central man rescued from cave hide-out

TN News

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A man in Quang Nam Province was rescued Friday after a harrowing month he spent living in a cave. Dinh Van Huy allegedly lost his way while fleeing a brutal existence as a gold miner.


On Sunday, local doctors said Huy is recovering from ulcers and severe infections he incurred from living in the forest for too long, according to VietNamNet.


Local resident Ho Van Thanh found Huy in a stone cave and had him transferred to local medical center.


Authorities say the 18-year-old boy belongs to the Ca Dong minority group. In May of this year, he was hired by a man named Trung to work at a gold mine in the province for VND2 million (US$103) a month.


Huy told doctors and authorities he couldn't stand the hard labor and suffered brutal beatings as a result. After escaping the encampment, he ran into the woods and got lost. He survived in the cave, ducking out at night to forage for wild fruits.


Local police say the investigation continues to be underway.


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