Central Highlands dad burns son over 50 cents

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A 12-year-old boy from Dak Lak Province had his legs burned by his father on Tuesday after an argument over VND10,000 that had gone missing.

Ho Cong Kha was sent to Dak Lak General Hospital in the Central Highlands with burns to his face, belly, legs and arms, and some cuts caused by his father, Ho Dinh Trung Quoc Vuong, 36, on Sunday.

Vuong said he couldn't control himslef when he saw Kha evading questions from Dang Thi Tuyet, the boy's grandmother, over VND10,000 she thought he might have stolen from her pocket.

Vuong said he slapped the boy in the face when Kha refused to answer clearly.

He said he then set paper from the boy's school notebook on fire and pressed it to Kha to threaten him.

Investigators said Kha's pants were removed at that point.

Vuong said he was angry beacause Kha had lied, stolen money and even sold the family's bicycle.

The father admitted his actions were "excessive", and said the injures were "not expected." He also said he didn't have enough time to take care of Kha.

The boy is now staying with his aunt. He has lived with his father since age 4 when his parents got divorced.

Police are investigating the case further.

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