Car driver accused of running into policeman, knocking him onto hood

Thanh Nien News

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Le Hoang signs a report before police seize his car for an investigation on Friday. Photo: Cong Nguyen


Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday night arrested a local man accused of running his car into a police officer and throwing him onto the hood of the vehicle, local media reported. 

Officer Pham Hoai Hien said the incident happened on Friday afternoon when he was writing a report on a traffic violation by the driver, Le Hoang. 

Hien said he was standing near the car and suddenly the car sped up, knocking him onto the hood. 
He said he had to hold on to the car's windshield wiper as Hoang kept driving for around 300 meters. 
But Hoang said the officer jumped onto the hood himself.
He said his car registration had expired and he was on his way to renew it.
After Hien and another officer checked the registration and refused to give it back, Hoang decided to leave with his car. 

“I asked him to return the registration and told him that I was about to have it renewed,” said Hoang. “Then when I started the car to leave, he jumped onto the hood.

“It was him who jumped. I have nothing to do with it!”

Police said they are investigating into the case. 

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