Canon Vietnam workers strike for salary raise

TN News

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Thousands of workers at Canon Vietnam in Hanoi's Thang Long Industrial Zone went on strike Thursday morning, demanding a salary raise and reduction of working hours.

The strike at the Japanese company's assembly shops started at 4 a.m., with workers expressing outrage that salaries were recently raised for team leaders but not them.

Some team leaders tried in vain to persuade the workers to return to work.

The workers also complained that dozens of new devices and machines had recently been installed without the workforce being enlarged.

They had to work nine hours a day, with the break between shifts being too short for them to recover.

"A break only lasts 7-8 minutes; we have to wait in line for our turn to go into the toilets," a worker said.

"If we return to the assembly shops even a few minutes late, the foremen would insult us badly."

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