Can Tho insurance director points gun at traffic police

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An insurance director from Can Tho in the Mekong Delta is being investigated after he threatened traffic police with a gun when they stopped him for breaking traffic rules, police said Saturday.


Luong Chi Hieu, director of the Bao Viet Insurance Company branch in Can Tho, was drunk and swore at police before he drew his gun, said Vo Thanh Tong, deputy chief of police in Phung Hiep District in Hau Giang Province neighboring Can Tho.


Another local police officer Nguyen Thanh Du said the gun contained two rubber bullets.


The police stopped Hieu's car on Thursday night because of a problem with his headlights. After the car had pulled over, police conducted a breathalyzer test on driver Le Quoc Doan, 44, and found that he was driving over the limit. Another passenger was not wearing a seat belt, police said. 


Hieu told Thanh Nien he took the gun to put into his pocket after police said they would keep the car. He also denied talking back at the police.


Hau Giang police have confiscated the car and the gun, which Can Tho Police gave the insurer for protection.


Can Tho deputy chief of police, Tran Thi Ngoc Dep, said they will check which agency had granted the gun and on what grounds.


Vietnam only allows weapons and explosives to be carried by soldiers, police, patrols, customs officials, security forces and enforcers of court penalties.


A decree by the Ministry of Public Security said weapons, when given to an agency as a form of protection, can only be used to prevent crimes or for self-defense.

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