Ca Mau's child abuse appeal to open next month

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The People's Supreme Court will open an appeal court on a notorious child abuse case in the southern province of Ca Mau in November.


The appeal court was planned in response to requests from Huynh Thanh Giang, 30, and his wife, 33-year-old Ma Ngoc Thom, who were sentenced to 23 years in prison each at the first trial in June.


The married couple, who were convicted of abusing 14-year-old Nguyen Hoang Anh for an entire year, have proposed another assessment of the boy's injuries and age.


In their proposal, Giang and Thom said that, while they had abused Nguyen Hoang Anh, an employee at their shrimp farm, many times, the abuses weren't "extremely critical" as concluded by the first trial on June 29.


They also accused Anh of giving false testimony and inflicting injuries on himself.


The indictment wasn't objective and differed from the truth, the couple claimed in their proposal. The pair alleged that investigators tempted and coerced them during interrogation.


Lam Ly Quynh, another employee at the farm, requested that his sentence be suspended. Quynh claims he fully cooperated with police and that abused the boy because the couple forced him to do so.


During the first trial, Quynh and Luu Van Khanh, Giang's nephew, were sentenced to one and half years in prison each for torturing Anh.


According to the indictment, the victim started working for the couple's shrimp farm in Ngoc Chanh Commune in September 2008.


During his employment, Anh had been beaten and tortured with various items like hot water, pincers, hot coals, and hammers on numerous occasions.


When the boy was rescued in May, details of his torture were exposed, shocking and angering the public.


Leaders of the Phu Hiep Hamlet and Ngoc Chanh Commune (which manages the hamlet), meanwhile, were censured for failing to intercede sooner.


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