Ca Mau builds $1.9 mln dike to prevent erosion

TN News

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Authorities in the Vietnamese province of Ca Mau have allocated VND40 billion (US$1.9 million) for a dike designed to prevent severe erosion along the southernmost cape.

The 1-km-long dike is expected to be completed by the end of September, before peak rainy season.

Provincial authorities said the dike is just a temporary solution to the rapid rise in erosion and sea levels.

In the long term, the province must collect opinions from scientists and central authorities to build an anti-erosion system for the cape.

The Ca Mau Cape is home to a unique underwater ecosystem that's said to resemble the estuaries of the Amazon River in South America.

Scientists say that the system is threatened by severe erosion and submersion as sea levels continue to rise.

The cape's 371,506 hectare biosphere reserve was recognized by UNESCO in 2009 for its conservation significance.

Since the cape was declared an ecological tourism area in 2001, rising sea water has swallowed most of the tourist rest stops and continues to eat away at the existing embankments and dikes in the area.

The mangrove forests that once protected the cape against submersion have also disappeared due to rising sea levels.

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