Bus driver flees after detaining, injuring police officers in central Vietnam

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A bus driver caught transporting smuggled goods managed to escape Wednesday after driving away with  four border guards and a customs officer in the central province of Quang Tri.

He also injured one police officer during his escape.

Hoang Sy Linh, 33, was chased by police and other forces for more than 30 kilometers, but he gave them the slip, leaving the bus behind with nearly ten tons of what are believed to be smuggled goods, including electronics and soft drinks.

According to the police, Linh was driving the 45-seat bus heading to Dong Ha Town when local police officers stopped him at a checkpoint in the Lao Bao Town's economic zone.

While four border guards and a customs officer were inspecting the bus, Linh started up the vehicle and ran down a barrier as he drove away. 

He kept the guards and the officer on the bus, threatening to crash the bus into a valley, police said, adding that he did not release them until he reached Dakrong District.

Later, local police officers ordered him to stop in Cam Lo District, but Linh refused, and the police gave chase.

At one point, a police car stopped in front of the bus, but Linh crashed into it, injuring one of the officers in the car, said Nguyen Thanh Tuan, one of the officers chasing Linh.

Tuan said the driver fled after the collision.

Initial findings are that the goods belong to Dong Ha resident Nguyen Thi Van.

Police are investigating the case and searching for Linh.

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