Bullets found in Vietnam dead elephant

TN News

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Two bullets were found in the body of a male elephant found dead last week in the southern province of Dong Na, Vietnam News Agency reported Wednesday.

One bullet was lodged in the animal's head, while the other was in its front leg, according to an announcement made by the provincial police division and forest rangers' agency Tuesday. The bullets have been tested in order to identify the type of guns which was used.

Investigators reported that its tusks, teeth and tail had been taken.

According to the VNA report, the forest rangers of Tan Phu Forest found the decomposing elephant, which weighed some five tons, during their December 23 patrol.

The animal was the last of its kind at the forest, the news agency said.


Elephant found dead in Vietnam forest Vietnam elephant dies from cold, hunger on travel 
It belonged to a herd of elephants that were moved to the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak in 2001.

The elephant, however, remained in the forest due to a problem with its leg.

Since 2009 nine elephants have died in Dong Nai's forests, the VNA reported.

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