Buffalo shot dead after running amok in central Vietnam

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Soldiers in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on Thursday shot and killed a buffalo which is said to have escaped from a slaughterhouse and attacked seven people as it ran amok for almost four hours, VnExpress reported.

At around 8 am, residents living near National Highway 1A in Huong So Ward, Hue City, were terrified to see a buffalo dashing on the street and butting anything on its way.

The animal butted against at least five people, seven motorbikes and tens of kiosks on a two-kilometer stretch of road.

The buffalo continued its way to a rural village in Huong Chu Ward. There it butted Le Cong Thin, a 50-year-old man sitting on the roadside, making him fall on the ground.

It rushed into the house of Nguyen Thi Vinh, 70, who suffered multiple injuries and was rushed to a local hospital.

For fear of being attacked, villagers closed the doors of their houses and informed local authorities. By the time local soldiers showed up with guns, the buffalo had left the village.

The animal then ran to Kim Long Ward, plunged into the Huong River and swam to the other bank.

"It swam very fast," said a man named Dung who witnessed the scene.

"It crossed around 300 meters of the river but showed no signs of tiredness. Instead, it dashed into another residential area in Thuy Bieu Ward."

At around 10 am the buffalo dashed into the house of Tong Huu Thang and chased after the man and two children. The three luckily escaped from the attack as the buffalo crashed into a bed.

Under the weight of the angry animal, the bed collapsed.

A few minutes later, the buffalo rushed out of the house and ran into a house next door. It butted a motorbike, making it fall on the ground and chased a young man.

The man ran into a classroom of a local kindergarten, screaming for teachers to close all the doors.

"A teacher and I woke the kids up, closed all the back doors while nearby residents closed the school gate to lock the buffalo inside the yard," said Tran Thi Tuy, a teacher.

At around 11 am soldiers of Hue City Military Command arrived at the scene. They shot the buffalo four times in the head and chest.

The animal bellowed in pain but kept running around the school yard. It took four more shots for it to go down.

The animal's body was then taken to Thuy Bieu Ward People's Committee's office. Authorities said they made announcements but the owner of the buffalo had not showed up.

According to Hue City's authorities, most people who were attacked by the buffalo suffered minor injuries. The most severe case was of Vinh, the 70-year-old woman.

Ton Si Bach, a resident of Thuy Bieu Ward, said the buffalo may have escaped from a slaughterhouse given the injuries it had on its face.

"It may have been hurt before being slaughtered so it got mad," he said.

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