British Council supports club for visually impaired

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British Council Vietnam has offered its space and teachers to an English club set up for visually impaired students in Hanoi.

The club was initiated earlier this year by the non-governmental organization Australian Charity for Children of Vietnam (ACCV).

Starting from late last month, the club has been able to benefit from using the British Council's classrooms and have the support of experienced teachers who have volunteered their time.

The council is also funding taxis to pick up students from four meeting points in Hanoi.

It has also trained its customer services staff, guards, cleaners, international teachers and other local staff with necessary skills and knowledge to work with visually impaired students.

Alison Vidotto, founder of ACCV, said the support and cooperation offered by British Council "is huge."

"This has not only included access to classrooms and resources, but a real appreciation for the needs of our students," Vidotto said. "I do believe that our club at British Council will bring English closer to blind people."

The club will meet twice a month and talk about topics of their choice, which have so far included food, fashion and work.

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