Boy fatally shoots friend in central Vietnam

By Ngoc Anh, Thanh Nien News

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Boy fatally shoots friend in central Vietnam


A 14-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 12-year-old neighbor with a home-made marble gun in Vietnam's Central Highlands on Wednesday.
According to police of Daklak Province, the shooting took place at around 10 a.m. in Krong Bong District when Vo Duc Nhat was carrying the marble gun, preparing for a hunting trip with a group of friends.
Nhat met Tran Quoc Vuong on the way. He pointed the gun at Vuong's head and shot at point blank range.
Vuong was hit in the head and fell on the road. He was rushed to a local hospital but succumbed to his head wound in the afternoon.
Nhat told the police he thought the gun was empty, and that he only wanted to tease Vuong.
He told the police he might have loaded the gun with two marbles and later removed just one of them, before meeting Vuong.
Tran Minh Hung, a traffic officer in charge of the area, said he seized three air guns from the hunting group after the shooting.

A home-made alcohol-fueled air gun, built following Internet instructions, in a file photo provided by police.
Instructions for making air guns or marble guns, especially alcohol-fueled ones, are readily available on the internet.
Nguyen Van Nghiep, a local resident, said he saw the hunting group carrying air guns before the shooting.
Nghiep said when he told them not to use the guns and gave them up to the police, Nhat refused to and threatened jokingly to “shoot [Nghiep] in the ass.”
Vuong was the only son of Tran Van Hieu and Nguyen Thi Ha, who have three daughters.
Hieu said his son and Nhat were close friends.
“That was an accident, I don’t blame [Nhat].”
“I blame his parent, who knew he used a gun but didn’t stop him.”
Vo Thi Thu Huong, Nhat’s mother, said she had warned Nhat against using the gun and asked him to bring it to the police, but Nhat said it was “just an air gun, no need to give it up.”

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