Boy doused in acid following school fight

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A 15-year-old boy was doused in acid in Ho Chi Minh City Wednesday.


The boy suspected the attack was related to his involvement in a school fight, local media said Friday.


Lam Thien Phuc, a tenth grader at Le Thi Hong Gam High School, said a woman splashed him with a mug of acid while he was tying his shoelaces at the front door of his home, before walking to school.


Phuc said the woman sped away on a motorbike immediately after the assault.


The boy's face, shoulders, back and arms are covered in burns. Doctors say he might lose his eyes too.


Local eyewitnesses and Phuc's mother confirmed that a woman wearing a helmet and face mask was hanging around the house prior to the attack.


The mother said her family hasn't had a conflict with anyone.


Phuc said a week earlier, his friends had gotten into a brutal fight with another group of students in which motorbike helmets were used as weapons. An upper class girl was among the rival gang, Phuc said.


Phuc claims he only stood by watching during the scuffle.


The boy recalled that, after the fight, a group of young men on motorbikes stopped him on the street. They shouted at him and took careful note of the nametag pinned to his uniform, Phuc said.


HCMC police are investigating further.


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