Body of cosmetic surgery victim not yet found

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The family of a woman who allegedly died at an unlicensed cosmetic surgery clinic and whose body was thrown into a Hanoi river by a surgeon is hysterical after days of search efforts have failed to yield the corpse.


Nguyen Huu Huy, the husband of Le Thi Thanh Huyen, 39, who allegedly died at Cat Tuong clinic on Giai Phong Street October 19, said he and Huyen's relatives were very disappointed and sad.


The family has hired dozens of divers and also two telepaths to scour the Hong (Red) River around-the-clock since October 22, but Huyen was nowhere to be found.


Huyen's uncle named Quang told Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper that he suspected Huyen had not been thrown into the river as alleged.


Huyen allegedly died after undergoing a breast enlargement surgery at the Cat Tuong beauty clinic, run by Dr Nguyen Manh Tuong of the state-owned Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, on October 19.


Tuong, 40, was arrested October 22 and confessed to police that he had personally performed the surgery on Huyen at noon.


He said he extracted fat from the woman's belly and then pumped it into her breasts.


The surgery finished at 4 p.m. that day, but Huyen developed convulsions and foamed at the mouth 30 minutes later.


Tuong said he gave the woman an injection of tranquilizer.


At around 5:40 p.m., Huyen turned purple, with her pulse unable to be felt and her blood pressure unable to be measured.



Tuong said he gave her anti-shock injections and put her on a breathing machine but she could not breathe again.


Tuong allegedly asked his employees to hide the medical files, drugs and equipment involved while he himself transported Huyen's body in his car to a river.


Before leaving, he told his employees that he would drive Huyen to a hospital for "emergency treatment."


He also asked Dao Duy Khanh, 17, a security guard for his clinic, to leave Huyen's motorbike and other belongings at a spot elsewhere in the city.


Khanh then went with Tuong in the car heading for the Thanh Tri Bridge, from where Tuong and Khanh threw the dead body into the Red River.


Khanh later told the police he did not want to connive with Tuong in covering up the death of Huyen, but Tuong promised to double his salary and he agreed.


Previously, Huy, Huyen's husband, could not reach her via mobile phone since 11 a.m. October 19. He waited until midnight when he received a phone call from a stranger saying Huyen's motorbike as well as her papers and personal belongings were found in Sai Dong Ward, Long Bien District.


Huy then reported to local police that Huyen was missing.


On October 21, he found a receipt dated October 18 from the Cat Tuong beauty clinic in Huyen's clothes.


Based on the tip, police summoned doctors and employees from the clinic for questioning.


The employees then confessed that Huyen had died at the Cat Tuong clinic. Police searched the clinic and arrested Tuong while he was working at Bach Mai Hospital on October 22.


Tuong told police he had called his wife after Huyen died, and his wife advised him to report the incident to police but he did not.


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