Binh Phuoc massacre: Suspects planned to murder all victims, general says

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Nguyen Hai Duong (L) and Vu Van Tien, the suspects in the murder of six people in Binh Phuoc; (inset) a knife allegedly used in the murder Nguyen Hai Duong (L) and Vu Van Tien, the suspects in the murder of six people in Binh Phuoc; (inset) a knife allegedly used in the murder


The two suspects in the murder of six people in a home in southern Vietnam this week deliberately planned to kill all the victims before taking their money and valuables, a police general said this afternoon.
Investigators have found sufficient evidence and the suspects, Nguyen Hai Duong and Vu Van Tien, both 24, have confessed to their crime, Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong told about 100 reporters at a much-awaited press conference in Binh Phuoc Province.
The suspects were not present at the conference, which took place just a couple of hours after thousands of people lined up the National Road No. 13 in Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc, to watch the funeral procession for the six victims of the murder-robbery on July 7.
 The funeral procession for the six victims of the murder-robbery in Binh Phuoc on July 11 morning. Photo: Doc Lap
According to Lt. Gen. Vuong, Duong killed five victims, including Le Van My, 48, his daughter Le Thi Anh Linh, 22, his son Le Quoc Anh, 15, and his two counsins Du Minh Vy, 14, and Du Ngoc To Nhu, 18. Linh was Duong's ex-girlfriend.
Tien killed My's wife Nguyen Le Anh Nga, 42.
My and Nga were owners of a wealthy local wood business.
All the victims sustained fatal stabs in their necks, Lt. Gen. Vuong said. Five of them were tied up in their rooms, while Vy, the first victim, was killed in the front yard.
Duong and Tien, however, spare the life of My's and Nga's youngest daughter, a 18-month-old baby.
According to Lt. Gen. Vuong, Duong told the police he planned the murder-robbery to take revenge after Linh broke up with him in April 2015 and rejected his love.
Duong often stayed with the victims' family when he was still in a relationship with Linh, and therefore knew the 1,000 sq.m. (10,700 sq.ft) very well.
According to Lt. Gen. Vuong, to prepare for the crime, Duong bought two knives, a stun gun, a BB pistol, falsely registered SIM cards, gloves, masks, plastic cable ties and duct tape.
 The police said they found the weapons, clothes, shoes allegedly used by the suspects in the crime, as well as the cash, phones and tablet they stole from the house.
On July 6, he met Tien, whom he befriended with at work, and persuaded him to rob Linh's family, to which Tien agreed.
"We can say now that the duo acted by themselves, based on the evidence. There was no third person," Lt. Gen. Vuong said.
No accomplice
Maj. Gen. Ho Sy Tien speaks at the press conference. Photo: Doc Lap.
At the conference, Maj. General Ho Sy Tien rejected earlier media reports that two of the victims, Minh Vy and To Nhu, might have acted as the suspects' accomplices.
While Vy was the one who opened the villa gate for Duong and Tien, Major General Tien said Vy hadn't known about the plot.
According to him, Duong knew Vy liked to play video games, so he tempted him to open the gate for them by promising to give Vy money to buy more games, Maj. Gen. Tien said.
At 8.30 p.m. on July 6, Duong telephoned Vy, telling him that he would come with the money late that night.
When they came at about 2 a.m. on July 7, Vy opened the gate for them but Duong immediately killed him.
"Vy was not related to the crime. Neither was To Nhu. The media should not speculate," Maj. Gen. Tien said.
Sparing toddler's life
Lt. Gen. Le Quy Vuong speaks at the press conference.
According to Lt. Gen. Vuong, after killing Vy, Duong and Tien climbed to the first floor, where My Linh and To Nhu were sleeping. They tied them up and used duct tape to cover their mouths.
They then went to the ground floor and tied up My, Nga and their son Quoc Anh.
They forced Nga to open the family's safe, but found that it was empty.
They asked Quoc Anh if he knew where his parents kept their cash and valuables. When Quoc Anh said he didn't know, they killed him.
They then killed all the other victims, but spared the life of the toddler. They left the house at around 4.30 a.m. on July 7 with about VND4 million in cash, five smartphones and a tablet.
Local police was reported about the murder three hours after by a housekeeper of the victims' family.
Duong was arrested at 3 p.m. Friday in Binh Phuoc. Tien was arrested five hours later in his house in Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City.
Lt. Gen. Vuong said the police have found the murder weapons, cash, phones and tablet in Tien's house.
He said investigation is going before the police can seek charges of murder and robbery against Duong and Tien.
A pair of gloves allegedly worn by a suspect in the crime.

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