Binh Phuoc massacre: alleged killer says he avenged rejection

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Vu Van Tien (L) and Nguyen Hai Duong at the police station Vu Van Tien (L) and Nguyen Hai Duong at the police station


One of two suspects held in the grisly murder of six people in southern Vietnam this week, who was alleged of being the one who murdered all of them, is a victim’s ex-boyfriend, police said.
Nguyen Hai Duong, 24, had been in a relationship with Le Thi My Linh, 22, for nearly two years until they broke up early this year, according to the police.
Duong was arrested on Friday in Binh Phuoc Province, where the murder took place on July 7. The other suspect, Vu Van Tien, 24, was arrested later the same day.
Linh, her parent Le Van My, 48, and Nguyen Le Thi Anh Nga, 42, brother Le Quoc Anh, 15, and cousins Du Ngoc To Nhu, 18, and Du Minh Vy, 14, were found dead, their throats slitted, in their villa in Chon Thanh District at 7 a.m. The 18-month-old daughter of My’s and Nga’s, however, was found safe and sound in the house.
Duong told the police he killed them to take revenge for Linh’s rejection of his love after he found out that Linh had a new boyfriend.
A close relative of the victim's family, who preferred not to be named, told Thanh Nien that before their break-up, Duong had been considered a family member and often stayed at Linh’s house. Duong even joined Linh’s family on some travel tours, he said.
Vu Van Tien at the police station. The knife on the desk is alleged to be the murder weapon. 
News of Duong being the major suspect came as a surprise to some in the neighbourhood, who said Duong still visited the house and mourned the victims’ deaths after the crime.
Based on evidence at the crime scene, however, investigators developed leads that implied Duong. He was summoned on Friday for interrogation. After five hours and several failed alibis, Duong confessed to committing the crime at 3 p.m. the same day, according to the police.
Following the leads, investigators arrested Tien in Hoc Mon District, HCMC, at 6 p.m. They also found the knife that Duong allegedly used to kill the victims.
Duong told the police he asked Tien to help, promising huge rewards from the cash and valuables that they would rob of the family. Since Duong had spent some time staying in the villa, he knew the place very well. 
Murdered accomplices?
A police source told Thanh Nien that investigators are looking into leads that Du Minh Vy, one of the victims, might open the gate to the villa for Duong and Tien.
Duong said he had promised to give Vy money and a new mobile phone, but he killed Vy immediately after they entered the villa.
Another police source told Thanh Nien that investigators also suspected that Du Ngoc To Nhu, another victim, also acted as an accomplice before she was murdered.
After Duong and Tien entered into the villa, Duong killed Du Minh Vy, 14, who was in the front yard.
They went on into the house where they tied up and killed My, Nga and their son Le Quoc Anh, 15, on the first floor, and Du Ngoc To Nhu, 18, and Linh on the second floor.
Duong told the police that after killing Nhu, he forced Linh to sit down by Nhu’s body while he told her about his pain of rejection in love. After “saying it all,” Duong slitted her throat despite Linh’s plea for life.
When they came down to the first floor, Tien and Duong heard the toddler crying. Duong said he lulled her back to sleep before they both fled the house with some cash and valuables.
He said he spared the baby’s life because he liked her very much.

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