Bike riding dog thieves caught after killing dog owner

Thanh Nien News

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Two suspected dog thieves are detained after one of them allegedly stabbed a dog owner on Sunday in the northern Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa.
The owner, Bui Duc Tuan, 51, succumbed to knife wounds early Monday, according to Thanh Hoa police.
The police have not revealed the two suspects' identity, but said they both are drug addicts.
According to the police, Tuan's dog was lassoed by the thieves, who were riding a motorbike, on Sunday evening.
Tuan gave chase and managed to throw both thieves off the bike, but one of them suddenly stabbed him in the chest. 
As Tuan collapsed, the two thieves fled on foot. One of them was arrested soon later while the other gave himself up to the police on Monday morning. 
Investigation is going on.

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