Big family in Saigon’s tiny house

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A couple and their three children share two square meters in a neighborhood far from the city's glamor


 This triangle house of two square meters near the Chanh Hung Bridge in Ho Chi Minh City's District 8 is the home of a couple and their three children. Photos: Truong Thanh Tung/Zing
 The family has been living here for six years, paying a rent of VND3 million (US$135) a month.
Nguyen Phi Vu (R), the father, said they used to live in an alley. Moving to this place allows them to run a small bike repair shop and sell beverages.
 The children play with their cat in the tiny house. The older two are fourth and sixth graders.
 The stair to the attic serves as a shelf as well.
 The two older children sleep in the attic, which can be very hot during summer days.
 The parents are worried that the house will run out of space soon when their children grow up.
 Pham Thi Kim Ngan, the mother, sells sugar cane and herbal drinks on the sidewalk, with extra help from her daughter during the summer break.
 The boy helps to give motorbikes gasoline refills.
 The house does not have enough space for a kitchen, so all the cooking takes place outside.
 The bathroom also doubles as storage. The family members thus have to make sure they do not use it at night.
 The bridge is the children's familiar playground.
 The family spends some time together on the sidewalk.
 The parents usually have dinner at 11 p.m. after finishing their business.
They watch TV from an old computer. 
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