Bear found dead in Vietnam farm

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Forest rangers in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong Wednesday destroyed the body of an Asian black bear that was found dead on a farm where it had been held captive for 20 years.


The 20-year-old 150-kilogram female was found dead in its cage earlier that day, according to the owner of the farm near Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat.


A group of officials from the provincial Forest Protection Department said there were no signs of injury on the animal, adding it died of old age.


In January 2006 it had been implanted with a microchip by the department under a program to identify registered bears.


One month ago a male Asian black bear also aged 20 died on the farm.



The Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus), also known as the moon bear, is a medium-sized species adapted for an arboreal life.


It is classed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a vulnerable species, mostly due to deforestation and active hunting for its body parts.

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