Bank hacker charged with stealing nearly $16,000

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A former employee of a Ho Chi Minh City-based information technology company has been prosecuted for hacking a bank's data system to steal nearly VND330 million (US$15,842).

According to the indictment issued by the People's Supreme Procuracy, Vietnam's highest prosecution office, in June, 2008, Nguyen Chi Toan, 27, a former employee of Trans Infotech Vietnam Company, was assigned to conduct maintenance and repair problems at the card center of the Mekong Housing Bank (MHB).

During the repair work, Toan found passwords to access the bank's data system and modify information there.

In January this year he used the fake ID card of a person named Nguyen Nan to open an automated teller machine account at MHB.

He then accessed the bank's data again, creating an account named Le Ngoc Truc and added VND250 million (US$12,000) to it. Later he added another VND450 million ($21,600), according to prosecutors.

Toan changed the account number of Nan to the same number of Truc, and withdrew nearly VND330 million from Truc's account via Nan's card, they said.

Prosecutors said after that he used the same trick with another account named Le Van Lam to place up to VND1.5 billion ($72,000) there.

However, before he could withdraw money from it, Toan lost his ATM card, so he contacted MHB to lock it. It was then that the bank detected problems with Nan's account and asked for help from police.

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