Baby flung by angry father suffers brain injuries

TN News

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A one-year-old boy suffered brain injuries after being thrown to the ground by his angry father in Long An Province, local media said Saturday.


Local residents said Nguyen Van Phuong, 35, and his wife had argued overnight through Wednesday morning.


In blind rage, Phuong grasped his son, who was crying, by the legs and flung the boy to the ground.


He was about to throw the boy a second time when the police intervened and rushed the infant to the hospital.


Eyewitnesses said the baby couldn't cry but his body shook convulsively after being thrown.


The boy has a 7 centimeters long crack in his skull, according to doctors.


Local residents said Phuong's jobless wife often got drunk and the poor couple argued almost every day, with the baby being the usual target of their anger.


Phuong has been arrested.


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