Baby fainted by cop-shooting in personal conflict

TN News

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A tear-gas shot fired by a policeman personal revenge in north central Vietnam on Sunday sent a four-month-old to hospital.

The shot caused the baby boy to suffocate and faint. The baby boy has not fully recovered and still vomits when fed.

A report on news website Dan Tri said Nguyen Van Vi, a commune deputy police chief in Nghe An Province, around 290 kilometers from Hanoi, brought seven armed young men to the house of a local named Thai Danh Gia for personal revenge.

Vi kicked Gia's door when the man tried to close it to prevent a fight. Vi also pressed a tear-gas pistol against Gia's brother, before firing a shot in the air.

Gia told the website that Vi had caused trouble to him on the street earlier that day.

Both Vi and Gia, whose families had a conflict, were summoned by police later on Sunday.

Vi's superiors confirmed later the shot Vi had fired was with the tear gas pistol that he was given for his job. 

Vi had been rebuked by local authorities once in 2010 for his bad attitude and behavior, local police said.

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