Baby boy drowns in flooded manhole

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Divers have recovered the body of a one-year-old boy who drowned in a flooded manhole at a construction site in Hanoi on Friday.

At around 4 p.m. Friday, Dang Van Tung, 15, carried his cousin Tran Bao Nguyen, 1, along a road that was under construction near Dong Tru Bridge in Long Bien District to watch a gathering of kite fliers.

Tung did not notice there was an uncovered manhole filled with water on the road. He took a false step and fell into the manhole.

He grabbed the edge of the manhole and did not slip away, but Nguyen, unluckily, slipped from Tung's arms and was swept away by the running water.

Nearby residents jumped into the 3-meter-deep manhole to search for the baby boy to no avail. At 5 a.m. on Saturday, rescue divers recovered his body after more than one hour of searching.


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The manhole, which is over 1 meter in width, does not have a cover, although it is always filled with water, according to local residents.

It is part of a road project that began in 2005.

Progress has been very slow, residents said, adding that there is no warning sign near the manhole.

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