Baby abused by mother hospitalized

TN News

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A nine-month-old child from the Mekong Delta's Dong Thap Province is being treated in hospital for injuries caused by her mother.


The baby was admitted to Dong Thap General Hospital on Thursday after a social services representative conducted checks in the area.


Her cheeks were swollen and bruised and there were bruises and blisters all over her chest, legs and arms.


The baby is the daughter of Nguyen Thi Xuan Lan and her Taiwanese husband who visited Lan several times before his family asked him to finish with her, said Lan's father Nguyen Van Kiet.


"The baby often cried and her mother would beat her with a wooden stick," Kiet said.


A doctor at the hospital said injuries on the baby's thighs must have been caused by pressing something hot against the skin causing burns which turned into blisters.


Lan has been living with a local man for the past three months. Local residents said he also beat the baby.


Police are investigating the case further.

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