Baby abandoned at delta nursery by mother

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A 18-month baby has been brought to a Can Tho kindergarten by his alledged mother who has not returned to collect him after three days.


Nguyen Minh Hoang was brought to the Tien Phat nursery on Monday by a woman around 30 years old, who introduced herself as the mother.


Tran Thi Tham, a teacher at the school, told the mother to bring the birth certificate and an enrollment document to have the boy admitted.


But the mother asked to go to a market nearby to buy some clothes and handkerchiefs for the boy, saying she would return to complete the procedures.


She told Tham the boy's name, but had not returned as of Thursday, said the babysitter.


Nguyen Thi Mai Ngoc, owner of the nursery, said the boy weighs 12 kilos, looks healthy and doesn't have any malformation.


This is the first case of a child being abandoned at the Mekong Delta school. Mai is taking care of the boy as local police look  for the mother or any of his other relatives.


Many couples have come to the nursery asking to adopt the boy but local authorities haven't allowed that yet.


They have started to check families in the area to see if there's any child missing.


They plan to publicize information on the case through the media and if no one came to receive the boy after 30 days, he will be put up for adoption or be sent to a local orphanage.

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