Aussie kills local man with stolen ambulance in northern Vietnam

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A 31-year-old Australian man hit and killed a local man with an ambulance he stole from one hospital before jumping out a second floor window of a building and injuring himself in Hanoi on Friday.

Reardon Jason Lloyd, who entered Vietnam on November 26, is suspected of being mentally ill, Dan Tri reported on Saturday.

Initial information from related agencies was that Lloyd had been hospitalized at L'Hôpital Francais de Hanoi for injuries he apparently inflicted upon himself in an incident at Noi Bai International Airport late Thursday night.

Around 2 a.m. Friday morning after arguing with hospital staff, Lloyd stole an ambulance and sped away, crashing into a motorbike driven by Nguyen Van Tung, 31, killing him instantly, the news report said.

Lloyd continued driving until he crashed into the gate of a nearby building.

The man then exited the ambulance, ran to another building where he broke a second story glass window in order to leap into the street, agencies said.

He had to be hospitalized once again, having sustained injuries to his back and legs.

Police are investigating the case.

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