Army of suspected southern gangsters nabbed

TN News

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A has become the 32nd person to be arrested in a southern Vietnamese province for alleged involvement in criminal organizations under investigation for myriad crimes, police said Tuesday.


Investigators of Binh Duong Province said Trinh Thanh Tung, 30, who was arrested on Monday, had "a close relationship" with Nguyen Giang Thanh, an underworld kingpin who allegedly led a gangland war against rivals under the command of Mafia boss Nguyen Thanh Tung, an tax official from Thu Dau Mot Town, last Monday and Tuesday.


Thanh was nabbed on Friday, while Tung was taken into custody one day after 29 members of his gang were arrested last Tuesday as they were about to meet with Thanh's gang for a "life-and-death fight," police said.


Police confiscated a bevy of weapons, mainly knives and swords, when they busted Tung's gang.


Both of the gangs are being investigated for collecting protection money from local casinos, restaurants and bars, and taking others' properties by force, and several other charges. 

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