Apple gadgets easy targets for theft in Vietnam

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A still from a Ho Chi Minh City coffee shop security video shows a man snatching an iPad from another's hands on February 26.

Police in Hanoi are investigating the robbery of an iPhone 5 and an iPad from a home on Friday night, three days after a man's iPad was stolen from his hands at a café in Ho Chi Minh City.

Officers in Hai Ba Trung District in the capital city said the robber entered the house of Ngo Quang Tuan, 40, at around 6:50 p.m., when Tuan's 10-year-old son was the only person on the ground floor.

The robber, around 1.7 meters tall and wearing a helmet, picked up an iPhone 5, the newest generation of Apple smart phone, from the table and swiped the iPad from the boy before leaving, police said based on a video recorded by the house's security camera.

Police in Binh Thanh District in the southern metro are also tracking a man suspected of stealing an iPad 4, also the latest model, from a coffee shop on Huynh Dinh Hai Street the afternoon of February 26.

The victim, identified only by his first name Danh, 27, did not file a report but police have been investigating a video of the incident that went viral on the Internet.

It showed Danh using the iPad at a table near the café door when another person walks in and orders a coffee to go at the cashier. The customer pretends to be reading the cafe signboard above Danh's table and then quickly grabs the device.

Danh gave chase briefly but was hindered by chairs and motorbikes in front of the shop. The robber escaped on a motorbike driven by an accomplice.

In related news, police in neighboring Binh Duong Province  arrested Phan Ngoc Dang, 29, on February 28 immediately after he stole a laptop from a college student.

Dang told the police he was going to sell the laptop as well as the 3G and memory cards that came with it for some heroin.

The student, Nguyen Thi Trang, who was sitting outside her room for rent in front of a grocery when the incident happened, said she had moved the laptop to the front door for a better 3G signal. Dang came asking to buy some groceries and snatched her laptop while she turned her head into the house to call the shop owner.

Nguyen Thu Trang, 25, had a knife pressed to her neck while she was working at a clothes shop in Hanoi's Hai Ba Trung District on the night of January 28. The man took her iPhone 5 that she bought for VND16 million (US$765), and also a Dell laptop worth VND8 million when she tried to scream for help.

Police have seized the knife, which was left behind.

Investigators in Ho Chi Minh City in early January arrested two of three robbers who severed a local man's arm with a machete in December in order to steal his iPhone, which turned out to be a fake.

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