Anti-sub helicopters accompany Vietnam's Navy frigates

By Mai Thanh Hai, Thanh Nien News

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The Russian-made Ka-28 anti-sub helicopter is considered one of the world’s most effective tools in tracking and destroying submarines. The helicopters now play an integral role in Vietnam's naval fleet and are accompanying the Russian-built Dinh Tien Hoang and Ly Thai To frigates on their trips through SE Asia.

 A frigate crew pulls a net over a helicopter landing pad to prevent the aircraft from sliding.

A power cable is installed.

 Fire extinguisher for the helicopter, which is operated automatically.

 Technicians check the helicopter's engine before it takes off.

 A technician gives signals to prepare the helicopter for takeoff.

 The helicopter is pulled out to the launch pad of the Ly Thai To frigate.

 Ropes keep the helicopter's parts in place in case of rough weather.

 Officers say the the helicopters can scramble radar signals from submarines to prevent detection.

The helicopter is ready to take off.

Captain Nguyen Manh Viet (L) from Vietnam's Air Force and Major Vo Cat Khanh, second in command on Ly Thai To frigate, clear the anti-sub helicopter for take off.

 Major Tran Minh Tuan in pilot seat.

 Lt. Col. Ma Ba Thuy serves as a helicopter navigator.

 The helicopters are also used in rescue mission.

 Lt. Col. Pham Minh Tuan (L) and Major Tran Minh Tuan, two anti-sub helicopter pilots.

 Photos: Mai Thanh Hai

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